The ever-evolving media supply the world with an unparalleled tool in invasive perception.  Those who use these tools most effectively change the way in which we perceive all variety of media. A director who redefines movie viewing, a program that challenges primetime television, or a hard-to-believe publicity stunt by an public relations organization all provide a look into occurring industry trends in one’s everyday existence.

However, can one take any of the above at face value?  Is there something more to the syntax or grammar of a given media industry?  In short, the answer is ‘yes.’  Fortunately, this will be the last ‘short’ answer this blog delivers.

The Media eVolution has begun.  This blog will provide thoughtful content and analysis of the endless news provided by the media industry.  Thank you, in advance, for reading and commenting.



About The Author:

Brian McFadden is a Ph. D. student attending Temple University’s Media and Communication program. At Temple, Brian’s research focuses on the process of cultivating and performing identity on social websites. His additional research interests lay the cultural production of sport and how that affects identity formation of marginalized sports fans. Finally, Brian also serves as a teaching assistant for Temple University’s Journalism & Society and Media Theory sections in the School of Media and Communication.

Prior to attending Temple, Brian served as a lecturer in the Communication and Media Studies departments at Fordham University, Hofstra University, St. Joseph’s College (NY), Dowling College, Farmingdale State College, and SUNY Suffolk. As a faculty member at these institutions, Brian taught a variety of courses, including but not limited to: “Introduction to Communication and Media Studies” recitations, “Interpersonal Communication,” “Mass Media,” “Modern Foreign Film,” “Human Communication,” “Fundamentals of Speech,” “Public Speaking,” “Advanced Public Speech,” “Nonverbal Communication” and “Introduction to Film.”

Prior to life in academe, Brian worked as a radio beat reporter. In this role, Brian covered various New York sports franchises (Islanders, Knicks, Mets, and Yankees) for then-XM Satellite Radio and WFUV (90.7 FM, New York).  In 2007, Brian was recognized by the New York State Broadcasters Association, Inc. for Best Coverage of a Local Sporting Event as a member of WFUV’s NFL Draft team.  In 2008, the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence recognized Brian’s role in Radio Sports Reporting for his part in WFUV’s coverage of the NFL Draft.

In his “free time,” Brian makes time to watch his favorite television shows (currently: The Walking Dead and Survivor) with his wife, Megan, and attempts to field respectable fantasy sports franchises in Baseball, Basketball, and Football.


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